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A lively exchange with a Leftist "Jew" Richard "Dreckstone" Silverstein

First see this:

Judge Strikes Seattle Initiative-97 From Ballot
Sep 11th, 2008 by Richard Silverstein

Then view the comments. This "Jewish" Goebbels banned me from the site, thereby preventing me from responding -- my last response never appeared there on account of his censorship. What I submitted last, which never made it in, was the following:


Nice attempt to prevent me from so much as even visiting your divine website. Also, Richard, you are full of yourself and full of it. After all, you’ve read my comment BEFORE you responded to it. And while responding to my saying that “we have enough morons and self-loathing Jews (including you)”, you expressed your indignation by stating the following:

“This is a clear violation of my comment rules. READ THEM if you want to continue publishing comments here. If you break the rules again your privileges will be revoked. If you want to argue ad hominem & be a sleazy, insulting propagandist there are plenty of other places to do that. NOT HERE.”

This tells me that you are a very sensitive thug. Then you go on responding to my comment and become indignant once again (as if you haven’t read my post first) at this phrase of mine — “I bet you’ll be voting for Obama, Richard. Judenrat in action. Why do my people have so many sickos?” — and banish me from your site altogether:
“Using Nazi era terminology to describe me and using terms implying moral depravity or mental illness are GROSS violations of my comment rules & you have been banned. … You are a base and disgusting human being & a gross embarrassment to the Jewish people. Y’mach shimcha v’zichroncha. Don’t worry about responding again. You’ve fixed yr wagon & won’t be.”

Oh-oh, I am now on Richard’s bad side. Scareeeee … Like you didn’t know from the start that you’ve banned me already, and pretend to get increasingly upset with my pokes at you.

Richard, here is an unsolicited but still useful piece of advice: Grow up. Then get a job. You know, do something meaningful and productive. Go finish that Ph.D. degree that you never did. Learn a trade or something. Responding to all the comments personally must be time-consuming. It is also futile and only serves to tickle your delusion of grandeur.

“Just curious about whether you live beyond the Green Line in Jerusalem. Inquiring minds want to know whether you’re living on land conquered from the Palestinians, not that this moral issue would bother you in the least.”

To satisfy your curiosity, Richard, I live in Giv’at Massua, right next to Malha and Gilo, and am prone to taking long and pleasant walks beyond the so-called “Green Line” — and you’re right, it doesn’t bother me in the least. Why? Because I am walking on land that was conquered by my people in its self-defensive war of national liberation. We paid for it in blood, just like for the Golan, which I hope will stay ours forever — I love hiking there, too. No more shall the Land of Israel be Judenrein, as you would like it to be.

And finally, I have to apologize to you for calling you a self-loathing Jew — Richard Silverstein, you are NOT a Jew. You may have been born into Jewish family, but that does not necessarily a Jew make.

You are a person of Jewish lineage, but certainly NOT a Jew. Moreover, you are an enemy of the Jewish people. The evil Torquemada, who went on to become The Grand Inquisitor of Spain, was a convert from Judaism — the grandest Capo of them all. You, of course, have not (yet) reached his stature, but you are still despicable.

Don’t ever let me meet you in person, you over-sensitive thug.


Well, as you can imagine, this creep got all indignant, and posted the following:

Seva Brodsky, Muslim Hater and Provocateur, Threatens My Life
Sep 14th, 2008 by Richard Silverstein (

Notice how craftily Silverstein removed the context of my response that he refused to publish, selectively cutting and pasting some of my quotes to suit his agenda, turning me into a scarecrow, and then got all pissy about it. This man does not like the taste of his own medicine. A typical cowardly thug, who can't act like a man -- a mama's boy pretending to be a toughie, who cries and runs to mama as soon as he meets with resistance.

Notice this brave pseudo-intellectual warrior's logic: "So I put Brodsky on notice that I WILL report him to the Seattle Police Department should he write another comment containing any such threatening content." Problem is, how can I write any comments when he banned me from the site? :-)

Those who want to learn more about this "Jewish" Israel-hater can take a look at the following:

Silverstein also made it to the Masada200 S.H.I.T. list, but it's not available again -- this is what one can see in the cached version:

The SHIT list has this to say about him:

<-- The Silverstein Weasel. Click Here for more (16 second music video)
Silverstein, Richard (Seattle, Washington) "I too am critical of the policies of the state of Israel. I don’t approve of its policies toward the Palestinians one bit. But as I said in my note, I am a critical Zionist. One who believes that Israel can & will eventually live up to the moral principles on which it was founded." Earth to Richard, Earth to Richard. The State of Israel was founded with blood and guts thanks to the barbarism and butchery of your friends, the so-called "Palestinians." If a Jew fights barbarism and butchery with morals principles, he will be a moral and principled Jew but also a very dead moral and principled Jew!
On his left-wing blog, Silverstein wrote, "The only way we can regain credibility in the eyes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Jordan is by being a truly honest broker in resolving the Israel-Palestinian conflict. As long as we continue to be Israel's cheerleader or willing co-conspirator, we have very little to offer." So typical of a self-hating quisling Jew to butt-suck up to the Saudis and Egyptians (the Jordanians are almost as evil) with talk of being "even-handed" between a democratic Israel and filthy, barbaric, Nazi-like, Jew-murdering (AND fellow Arab-murdering!) Arab terror thugs!
Just so the visitor to this S.H.I.T. List won't think that is the only group that is on to this bearded weasel. Here is what a very astute blogger had to say. "...everything Silverstein writes about Israel seems to be just as clueless, based on little shreds of things taken out of context, which he doesn’t really seem to understand properly. Funny thing is that he claims to be dedicated to the worthy cause of promoting 'dialogue and mutual recognition' between Israel and Palestinians, but woe betide the unsuspecting commenter who dares disagree with him about Israel’s inherent racist nature."
Another blog called had this to say about SilverSchmuck. "In further evidence that Ha’aretz [also affectionately called Ha-Hamas, the pro-Arab newspaper written in Hebrew] has completely lost the plot, they have published a piece from none other than anti-Israel blogger Richard Silverstein. The piece - entitled In Praise of the Jewish Blogosphere - is nothing more than an exercise in self-promotion, and an attempt by Silverstein to get more readership, and blast those who oppose his virulently anti-Israel views [including none other than those of!]. FOR EXAMPLE: On a January 25, 2007 Ha'haretz "TalkBack" entry, SilverSchmuck falsely accused "The owner of another far-right site, Masada2000, started a mock blog in my name, which included pornographic references and a stolen image of my son and me, with a caption saying we were making bombs (we were baking cookies). Masada2000's owner also threatened me with genital mutilation." We did not create that mock blog... although we thoroughly enjoyed viewing it after someone sent us the link. Secondly, we never threatened him with genital mutilation... that would be letting him off too easy!
Click Here and Here for more on this character.


One of my friends, who read the whole exchange, wrote the following to me:


The telltale line is "we have a settler among us" - classic Soviet era
"pointing out" rhetoric, translation:

"Comrades, there is a Czarist spy from the Okhrana amongst us - root him out
and kill him!"

Why do you bother yourself with these walking, talking pieces of shit? In
another couple of years, they will all recite the shahada and start
memorizing the Koran. It's the year 135 all over again. Identification
with the aggressor they are (as Yoda would say).

Interesting that whenever Caterpillar is mentioned, it's in the context of
Rachel Corrie. They would never mention the recent Jerusalem planned
murders via Caterpillar. Of course, that use of Caterpillar bulldozers
meets with their approval. What about boycotting Iran? Has Tikkun even
broached the subject?

These people are so far gone, they're the real enemy perhaps even more so
than Hamas.


I'd be curious to see if he responds here -- I sure as hell am not going to do any censoring. Common, Richard, tell me now how you really feel :-)
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